“Various ideas and new technologies” and “passion for craftsmanship” support our piston manufacturing, which requires highly advanced technologies.

Research and Development (R&D)

“Development of ecological and high performance products” comes from an anticipation of the needs of the customers and coming changes in the market. We keep striving continuously to make the ideal pistons.

We aim for high strength and weight reduction to achieve high output power. In addition, we aim for cleaner engines with high mileage, and pistons need to endure even more severe conditions.
ART have actively been working on R&D for new technologies, producing epoch-making pistons one after another. In addition, we are also collaborating with our customers using our original analytic and evaluation techniques.

Our Craftsmanship

Ever since our establishment, our corporate culture has encouraged us to build production facilities or metal molds by ourselves.It led us to cultivate flexible thinking, creating new methods and new production facilities.
Casting processes require delicate temperature control. Manufacturing processes require dimension control with an accuracy level of microns. Our strength of production technology is the foundation for producing excellent pistons.
Our current challenge is to create compact and simple facilities. We are aiming to build up flexible production processes that can be applied to a diverse range of products.

High-skilled workers are the backbone of any manufacturing enterprise. By having everyone help solve problems on site (through wits and cooperation), we create good human relationships in the workplace and cultivate energetic craftsmen.

Quality Assurance

Pistons, the heart of an engine, require absolute reliability. Our manufacturing is supported by a thorough quality control system, so we provide products that meet the expectations of our customers.

Through quick responses and ideas that come from the frontline of production, we supply pistons worthy of the trust of customers all over the world.

Our production structure operates worldwide. Using our standardized quality control system and sharing quality information, we produce uniform and excellent products.

Now, we are going back to our roots, challenging the technique to build fair quality into the products through the concept of ‘own-process completion.’ At every process stage, each test condition is made by one-to-one correspondence with the specifications on the engineering drawings. This surely improves the quality of our products.

It is not an inspection that guarantees quality, but a production system. From this concept, we supply products that will meet the demands of our customers.

Our Quality Policy

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