Dreams are always difficult to pursue. But let’s challenge your dreams and make them come true together.

We engage throughout design to manufacture piston, and facilities in-house. That is why we have engineers from a wide range of fields, such as machinery, electricity, metal, and materials working actively.

Our products are number 1 in Japan for quality and quantity. Our next goal is to be in the top group of piston suppliers in the world.

We are proud to say that we have built a work environment to achieve our goal, in which engineers from a wide range of fields can exchange opinions, and then create better results.

Taking the next step from the No.1 position in Japan to being in the top group in the world is challenging but worthwhile work. Why don’t we make a dream, which is difficult to pursue, come true together?

“ART” pistons make the world go around. We aim to go from being the best in Japan to becoming a top manufacturer in the world.

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