We are participating in Formula 3.

Our pistons have high degree of trust and valuation in the demanding field of motor sports.

In 2015, we started sponsoring TOM’S Co., Ltd. who are participating in the Japanese Formula 3 championship, and supplying pistons for their racing cars. Ikuzo Sakakibara, our founder, and Soichiro Honda, who was an employee at that time, participated in a motor race together. It is no exaggeration to say that our roots are in motor sports.

On the other hand, TOM’S, who we sponsor, is a prestigious team in motor sports, and they have remarkable results not only in Formula 3 but also in Super Formula and Super GT. Please keep your eyes on our motor sports collaboration with TOM’S.

TOM’S Co., Ltd.

Participation in Formula 3 – Overview

Formula 3 (F3) is one of the formula racing classes of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), and it’s a gateway to success for prospective Formula 1 drivers. Many famous drivers have come out of F3 class. F3 racing in Japan has been held since 1979. TOM’S, M-TEC, and Toda Racing supply engines, and Dallara in Italy supply chassis. Tires are one-make by Yokohama Rubber. Both drivers and the team require skill to win in this F3 class.

TOM’S is an acronym of “Tachi Oiwa Motor Sports.” They participate in races, and also sell car parts. In 2015, they won the triple crown in the race categories of drivers, teams, and engine tuners. In 2016, they had splendid results. Mr. Kenta Yamashita won the 1st place and Mr. Sho Tsuboi won the 3rd place in the drivers’ category. In the categories of both teams and engine tuners, TOM’S won the 2nd place.

Participation in the Formula 3 – Purpose

Cultivate the Younger Generation

The main purpose of sponsoring Formula 3 is to cultivate the younger generation. Our company organized a special team for sponsoring, and younger employees are active in the various fields of sponsor contracts, designing, and planning company events.

Company Events

Every year, we plan a tour to go and see the races. Participants are quite satisfied, because they can see the racing cars running with the “ART” logo, and take photos with the drivers or the team director.


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