Corporate Profile

Based on our original research and technologies, our integrated manufacturing process provides the world’s top-class pistons.

Basic Principles

  1. We aim to dedicate ourselves to creating an affluent society by offering excellent products to customers worldwide, and improving the lives of our employees.
  2. We aim to create a lively workplace and implement human resource development, making sophisticated work and ingenuity our motto.

Company Profiles

Company NameART METAL MFG. CO., LTD.
EstablishedDecember 1945
Capital2,397 million yen
RepresentativePresident, Mitsunori Ishihara
Production itemsPistons and piston pins for various kinds of internal combustion engines
Sales28,809 million yen (FY 2019)
Employees1024 (as of Mar. 31, 2019)


PresidentMitsunori Ishihara
Managing DirectorKiyoyuki NishizawaManufacturing Division, Production Engineering Center, Personnel Training Center, Prototype Dept.
Managing DirectorMasato OtomoResearch & Development Center, Quality Assurance Dept., Safety and Environment Dept., TQM Promotion Dept.
Director & General ManagerYukihiro OgawaBusiness Promotion Dept.
DirectorHiroshi KandaCorporate Planning Dept.
DirectorKeishi MasudaCorporate Administration Dept.
DirectorShin Sasaki(Non-executive)
Corporate AuditorYoichi Kanai
Corporate AuditorShunichi Nakamura

Associated Companies

Tateshina Metal Co., Ltd.3408 Ashida, Tateshina, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, 384-2305,Japan
TEL +81-267-56-2228/FAX +81-267-56-3321
Asama Piston Co., Ltd.238 Yawata, Saku, Nagano, 384-2106,Japan
TEL +81-267-58-2011/FAX +81-267-58-2010
Tobu Metal Co., Ltd.1354 Kazawa, Tomi, Nagano, 389-0514,Japan
TEL +81-268-62-1752/FAX +81-268-62-4362
Tatekita Metal Co., Ltd405 Yomogida, Saku, Nagano, 384-2107,Japan
TEL +81-267-58-2236/FAX +81-267-58-3190
A.S.C. Co., Ltd.2-2-43 Tokiwagi, Ueda, Nagano, 386-0027,Japan
TEL +81-268-23-3000/FAX +81-268-23-3005

Joint Enterprises with Foreign Companies

ART-SERINA PISTON CO., LTD.169 Soi Chalongkrung 31, Lamplatiew Ladkrabang Bangkok 10520, Thailand
TEL +66-2326-0384/FAX +66-2326-0387
Anqing Art TP Pistons Co., Ltd.317 Yingbin Road of Development Area Anqing, Anhui, China
TEL +86-556-5345-939/FAX +86-556-5345-243
Binzhou Yatai ART Power Parts Co., Ltd.389 North Outer Ring Road, Binzhou, Shandong, China
TEL +86-543-3520027/FAX +86-543-3520666
PT.ART PISTON INDONESIASuryacipta City of Industry JI.Surya Kencana Kav I‐M1FGH Kutamekar, CiampelKarawang 41361 Jawa Barat, Indonesia
TEL +62-21 2961 4021/FAX +62-267-8637-560

Aisin Group

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.2-1 Asahimachi, Kariya, Aichi 448-8650,Japan
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.1 Tenno, Takaokashinmachi, Toyota, Aichi, 473-8501,Japan
Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd.1141-1 Okawagahara, Fujiokaiinocho, Toyota, Aichi, 470-0492,Japan
Aisin AW Industries Co., Ltd.10 Takane, Fujiicho, Anjo, Aichi, 444-1192,Japan
Aisin Keikinzoku Co., Ltd.12-3 Nagonoe, Imizu, Toyama, 934-8588,Japan
Aisin Development Co., Ltd.3-3 Aioicho, Kariya, Aichi, 448-0027,Japan
Aisin Kiko Co., Ltd.70-6 Ikegami, Tomokuni, Kiracho, Nishio, Aichi, 444-0504,Japan
Aisin Sin’ei Co., Ltd.2-8-12 Konanmachi, Hekinan, Aichi, 447-8508,Japan
Aisin AW Industries, Co., Ltd.38 Ikenokamicho, Echizen, Fukui, 915-0873,Japan
Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd.10 Michigami, Kazuecho Toyota, Aichi, 470-1293,Japan
Advics Co., Ltd.2-1 Showacho, Kariya, Aichi, 448-8688,Japan
Shiroki Corporation35-1 Shimonoichiba, Chigiricho, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-8501,Japan


1917Ikuzo Sakakibara founded ART Co. in Hongo, Tokyo.
1926Succeeded in prototype production of Aluminum light alloy piston.
1932Established Art Keigokin Chuzoujo, started producing pistons regularly.
1941Split-off a part of the sales division to establish the sales company, ART Piston Co., Ltd.
1943Moved the plant to Tokiwagi in Ueda-city.
1945Changed company name to ART METAL MFG. CO., LTD.
1958Founded Fuji Metal Co., Ltd. to strengthen the piston and the piston pin divisions.
1964Founded Tateshina Metal Co., Ltd.
1969Founded Tobu Metal Co., Ltd.
1970Founded Tatekita Metal Co., Ltd.
1974Founded Yashima Metal Co., Ltd. (currently Yashima Plant of Tatekita Metal Co., Ltd.)
Founded ART-Serina Piston Co., Ltd. (ASP) in Thailand as a Joint-Ventured Company.
1980Newly established Yamada Plant in Yamada, Ueda City.
1986Founded Asama Piston Co., Ltd. in Asashina, Kitasaku-gun.
1987Merged with Fuji Metal Co., Ltd.
1989Founded ART Service Center Co., Ltd. (currently A. S. C. Co., Ltd.)
1990Merged with ART piston Co., Ltd.
1993Newly established Shioda Plant and R&D Center in the Research Park in Shimonogo, Ueda.
1996Built 2nd plant within the Shioda Plant.
1998ISO9001 certified, and VDA6.1 certified.
1999QS9000 certified.
2000Opened the representative office in Duüsseldorf, Germany.
2001ISO14001 certified.
2002Founded Anqing Art TP Pistons Co., Ltd. (AAT) in China as a Joint-Ventured Company.
2004ISO/TS16949 certified.
2005Founded Binzhou Yatai ART Power Parts Co., Ltd. (BYA) in China as a Joint-Ventured Company.
Expanded 2nd plant within the Shioda Plant.
2011Founded PT. ART Piston Indonesia (API) in Indonesia as a Joint Ventured Company.
Started the long-term business plan,; “Challenge 15.”
2012Started solar power generation.
2016Started long-term business plan, “AI20 (ART Innovation 2020).”
2017Business integration with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
Celebrated 100th anniversary.
20182nd Plant expansion at SHIODA Plant to increase production capacity.
Completed transfer of processing line from AISIN Nishio Engine Components Plant to ART.

Main Customers

Toyota Motor Corporation
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Yamaha Motor Corporation
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
Kubota Corporation
Mazda Motor Corporation
Isuzu Motors Limited
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Toyota Industries Corporation
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Subaru Corporation
Global Component Technologies Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger, Ltd.
Tohatsu Marine Corporation
Perkins Japan
Groupe PSA (FRA)
Mercury Marine (USA)
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd (GBR))
MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. (ITA)
Volkswagen AG (GER)

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