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Reliable technologies, Lead to the future

ART METAL MFG. CO., LTD. celebrated our 100th anniversary in January 2017.
In 1917, Ikuzo Sakakibara founded ART Co. as an auto-repair shop. After that, we started developing Aluminum light alloy pistons to achieve lighter-weight pistons than cast iron ones. In 1926, for the first time in Japan, we succeeded in prototype production of light alloy pistons for internal combustion engines, and in 1932, we started full-scale production of Aluminum light alloy pistons that were ahead of their time. Also, we invented various original technologies in material, manufacturing, and equipment, and we have been contributing to society as a specialized manufacturer of pistons. This is a result of the support by all of the stakeholders such as customers, trading partners, stockholders and the local communities. We are deeply grateful to you.

In this memorial year, we decided on business integration with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. We pass the baton of our founder’s spirit with the mottoes of “elaborate work, originality, and ingenuity” to the next 100 years. We will use this business integration as a springboard to make further progress.
We steadily progress with the reform indicated in our long-term business plan “AI20 (ART Innovation 2020)”. We will strengthen the competitiveness of existing business fields, and create new products and new businesses at the same time, and then, we will continue to contribute to the society.

President Mitsunori Ishihara

100 Years of TechnologyTechnology

The World-class Craftsmanship

After we established the auto-repair shop organization, we started developing Aluminum light alloy pistons to achieve lighter-weight pistons than cast iron ones. In the next year, 1926, for the first time in Japan, we succeeded in prototype production of Aluminum light alloy pistons for internal combustion engines through the alloy iron casting method.

The history of ART pistons started here. To this day, we have continued to seek out the new challenges of ideal pistons.
Our corporate culture, which is building production facilities by ourselves, i.e. “in-house production” since its inception, makes possible the flexible and efficient manufacturing and it is our characteristic.

A Brief History of Our First 100 YearsHistory


Ikuzo Sakakibara founded ART Co. in Hongo, Tokyo.
Founded as an auto-repair shop.

Built the 2nd plant.
At this time, Soichiro Honda (founder of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.) was working with us.

Succeeded in prototype production of Aluminum light alloy piston.


Established Art Keigokin Chuzoujo, started producing pistons regularly.

Moved the plant to Tokiwagi in Ueda-city, during World War II.

Changed company name to ART METAL MFG. CO., LTD.


Started mass production of gravity cast pistons having an Ni-Resist abrasion resistant ring.

Started mass production of piston pins.

Founded Tateshina Metal Co., Ltd.

Started mass production of hot forged pistons.

Founded Tobu Metal Co., Ltd.

Founded Tatekita Metal Co., Ltd.

Founded Yashima Metal Co., Ltd. (currently Yashima Plant of Tatekita Metal Co., Ltd.)
Founded ART-Serina Piston Co., Ltd. (ASP) as a Joint-Ventured Company.


Newly established Yamada Plant in Yamada, Ueda City.

Started world’s first mass production of FRM pistons by high-pressure casting method.

Founded Asama Piston Co., Ltd.

Started mass production of high pressure cast pistons with a cooling gallery.
Started mass production of top ring groove EBF pistons.

Started mass production of pistons with resinous-coated skirts.
Started mass production of gasoline pistons with AL pipe cooling galleries.
Founded ART Service Center Co., Ltd. (currently A. S. C. Co., Ltd.)


Started mass production of MMC pistons with high-pressure casting lip.

Newly established Shioda Plant and R&D Center in the Research Park in Shimonogo, Ueda.

Built 2nd plant within the Shioda Plant.

ISO9001 certified.

QS9000 certified.


Opened the representative office in Duüsseldorf, Germany.

Started mass production of pistons with pin hole bush.

ISO14001 certified.

Founded Anqing Art TP Pistons Co., Ltd. (AAT) as a Joint-Ventured Company.

Started mass production of the high strength material AC8R alloy.

ISO/TS16949 certified.

Founded Binzhou Yatai ART Power Parts Co., Ltd. (BYA) as a Joint-Ventured Company.
Started mass production of light-weight eco ART pistons.
Expanded 2nd plant within the Shioda Plant.


Started the long-term business plan,; “Challenge 15.”
Founded PT. ART Piston Indonesia (API) as a Joint Ventured Company.
Started mass production of FSR pistons for low-friction and higher partial strength.

Started solar power generation.

Started mass production of new resinous-coated pistons for friction.

Started mass production of thermo swing wall insulation film pistons.

Started long-term business plan, “AI20 (ART Innovation 2020).”

Business integration with Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
Celebrated 100th anniversary.

Technologies lead to the future.

Technologies lead to the future.Future

For the next 100 years

We overcame the various difficulties we faced with putting all our efforts, and we have grown globally.

Now, the world is in a turbulent period, with both the market and technology changing rapidly for the automobile industry. Looking back at the challenges we have faced since our foundation, we will keep on challenging powerfully with the courage for exploring the future.

Because of powertrain diversification, the demand for technological development will increase from now on. We will continue to lead the numerous technologies that ART has created and accumulated to the next generation.

Thoughts on CraftsmanshipThink About

Yuichi AmariJoined in 2012 Production Engineering Division

This company is a specialized manufacturer of pistons, and we celebrated our 100th anniversary this year. I am very happy to be here for this monumental major milestone.
I am currently in charge of designing pistons, studying every day to supply high performance pistons to our customers all over the world. I feel even more motivated because I can design and develop pistons in this company that has over 100 years of history. Because the test and evaluation facilities in this company can conduct tests and evaluations that cannot be carried out by car manufacturers, I am deeply impressed with this company’s ravenous appetite for craftsmanship.
We aim to be tops in the world through advanced technologies and excellent craftsmanship, and aim to be a company that is constantly innovating.

Thoughts on Craftsmanship01
Thoughts on Craftsmanship02
Kana OgawaraJoined in 2011 Machining Production Engineering Dept.

ART METAL MFG. CO., LTD., beloved by many and nicknamed “ART-san” by local people, celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2017.
I joined this specialized piston manufacturer in April six years ago, and now I am in charge of the data entry of purchase orders, managing attendance, and polishing the cutting tools that are used in the manufacturing process as a support person. I think it is very valuable that I, with only 6 years of experience, could have the opportunity to contribute to various matters in a company that has been around for a hundred years, and I feel more challenged at work.
As we head into the next 100 years, I will never forget my feelings of gratitude toward everyone, and I will try to further improve myself and make a new start with this company.